Lisa Ritchie’s debut EP “Expectations” will be released at Kerrytown Concert House on September 18th at 8pm.  

As the first solo album she’s released, “Expectations” contains a variety of sentiment, energy and grit.  From her highly regarded song “Home” to the last track's emotional “Mess You Made”, the album highlights her growth and development as a songwriter by listing her songs in the order they were written.

Chris DuPont, Luke Jackson and Billy Harrington, the musicians involved in recording “Expectations”, will be accompanying her on stage.  

You will want to catch Lisa Richie’s performance as it will be the last show she plays in Michigan for the year.  This October, she will be moving out to Los Angeles, California to pursue opportunities in the music industry. 

Ann Arbor’s Nadim Azzam will open the set with his unique hip-hop, singer-songwriter style.

We’re all looking forward to a memorable night! 

Tickets: $10

Albums: $7