First update: I had the opportunity to perform live on the radio.

I was a guest on Ann Arbor's 107.1 FM.  The host, Matt Altruda, was incredibly kind and asked a great question.  "Why do you write, what inspires you?"  

"Faith in Jesus and to show the dichotomy between the beauty in the world and the tragedy." 

I'm still surprised from the answer I gave.  I haven't been able to clearly articulate the 'why' until he asked.


Second update: I released Color Spills Out on Tuesday, Oct 28.  

This video means a lot to me.  Check out the blogpost about it here: http://www.lisaritchiemusic.com/future/2014/7/9/color-spills-out 

Third update: The personal side.

I've continued to be surprised and even overwhelmed with gratefulness regarding the encouragement my friends have shown.  Yes, surprised and overwhelmed are the words.  

A thank you is the thinnest way I can express my gratitude...but thank you.  I'll try to think of better ways to express how much your support means.