Although having written and performed in other genres, Lisa Ritchie is most often labeled as an up and coming indie-pop artist.  “I find that many writers have an intrinsic way they write... the goal is to not pigeonhole yourself but craft that style into the most relatable, honest version you can.”

Attending college in Ann Arbor, Michigan afforded Ritchie multiple opportunities to collaborate, write, perform and record her music.  Her most notable milestones in Michigan include headlining The Ark’s “New Singer-Songwriters” showcase in 2014, playing to crowds upward of 2,000 people at Big Ticket Festival and the Ann Arbor Art Fair in 2015, and writing and releasing her second EP, “Expectations” in Sept of 2015.  

A few weeks after the release of her album, she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of new opportunities. Within 6 months, she wrote the top-line and recorded vocals on 8 tracks (in the process of being licensed), wrote two singles to release in 2017, gained several Los Angeles residencies, filmed a music video with a renowned filmographer, and established a large network of other musicians and producers.  

Currently, she resides in Los Angeles and is turning her focus to touring in 2017.